Manu­facturing of Rollers, Roller manu­facturing, Roller Production

Tailor-made by customers‘ designs, we produce high-precision rollers at our factory in Cologne.

The Anton Mauss GmbH manufactures rollers in a diameter 20 mm to 1,200 mm. The rollers come into operation in the print, wallpaper, and sheet metal forming industry. The spectrum of fabrication of the Anton Mauss GmbH includes rollers of the following materials:

  • Steel
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Aluminum

Rollers are rotationally symmetric construction parts, which apply to all re-forming procedures. Usually, metallic materials are installed between two or several rotary rollers thus minimizing their cross-section area. In compliance with the fabrication procedure under pressure according to DIN 8583, one distinguishes between longitudinal rolling, cross rolling and skew rolling.

Steel Rollers

Steel rollers are advantageous insofar as they fulfill the high strength requirements. We manufacture these steel rollers custom-made, considering individual specifications and dimensions.

Aluminum Rollers

The advantage of aluminum rollers is their lower dead weight compared to rollers of steel, bronze or copper. At our factory in Germany, we manufacture custom-made aluminum rollers specified by customized technical drawings.

Bronze Rollers

We manufacture bronze rollers in various dimensions according to customized technical drawings.

Copper Rollers

The Anton Mauss GmbH manufactures copper rollers in various dimensions according to customized technical drawings.

Roll Grinding

We have at our disposal a roll grinding machine where every roller is analysed for its surface configuration and its proper dimensions. Our circular grinding machines produce in the following dimensions.

Center of height 20 millimeters up to 500 millimeters
Diameter Up to 1,200 millimeters
Length 10 millimeters up to 4.800 millimeters

Rollers are exposed to a heavy wear and tear needing reconditioning and overhaul in regular intervals due to these strength requirements. The repair of rollers happens during the roll grinding process. That makes a striking difference on the surface quality, even on the roller’s roughness.

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