Grindery/ Honing Processor

Crankshaft Grinding Machines (Eccentric Shafts)

The crankshaft is primarily responsible for the articulation of the engine.
It is a prized and expensive component.

Each crankshaft is examined as for clashes, hardness, cracks as well as for dimensions, when received. While grinding the crankshaft, the undersize specimen are precisely applied. If undersize specimen should not be available, the crankshaft can nevertheless still be used. The crankshaft will then need professional reshape by plating up.

The reconditioning of crankshafts also implies hardening the crankpins, trueing and balancing them.

Eccentric Grinding Machine

Diameter 20mm up to 1200mm
Height of stroke 0mm up to 480mm
Oscillating circuit 1100 mm
Length up to 4800mm

Roller Grinding

Each mechanical roller is thoroughly analyzed as to dimensions and surface wear.

We use circular grinding machinery for the performance of crankshafts or rollers.

Circular Grinding Machine

Center of height 10mm up to 600mm
Diameter up to 1200mm
Length 10mm up to 4800mm

Honing Series

Cylinders can be bored in the interior diameter and finished at our honing machines in case they have grooves. Hence, the old cylinder is useable again.

As a special service, we may arrange for recondition your cylinders on-site.

Honing Series

Diameter 5mm up to 500 mm
Length up to 5000 mm