Production of Crankshafts, Remanufacture Crankshafts

We provide any manufacturing of crankshafts, remanufacture of crankshafts from billets and solid materials as well as the overhauling of your crankshaft.

The remanufacture of crankshafts is a further important pillar to our product line-up.
We manufacture crankshafts in our factory in Germany either of billets or solid materials. A crankshaft is a special type of a shaft. We produce all kinds of shafts. However, our target market is the manufacturing of crankshafts and particularly those made of solid materials. As a matter, of course, we also make crankshafts out of forging billet or metal casting.

The Anton Mauss GmbH in Cologne manufactures crankshafts ranging from one cylinder up to 16 cylinders and over, weighing up to a maximum of 10 tonnes.

Crankshaft Reconditioning

Crankshafts are one of the most precious and expensive components of an engine. For this reason, it is sensible considering the possibilities of an overhaul of the crankshaft in the case of a defect. Firstly, the crankshaft will be scrutinized to find any clashes or cracks and to check its hardness.

The grinding of the crankshaft always complies adherently with the undersize specimen. In case they are not there, the crankshaft cannot be reconditioned by plating-up or lasing. By these terms, we understand the coating of the parts, in order to reshape them professionally.

A further procedure while reconditioning crankshafts and eccentric shafts is the hardening of the crankpins, their trueing and balancing.

Mechanical Functioning of a Drive Shaft

A drive shaft is – in its simplest form – a pin-like mechanical part, which serves to transmit rotatory motion and force. It also assembles the rotary components (turning elements).
Other than axles, the shafts transmit torque. Therefore they induce stress on torsion, too. When it comes to mechanical engineering, not only the shaft must be engineered very precisely, but also the shaft hub joint.

Selected Mechanical Functioning of a Crankshaft

The crankshaft transforms the straight-line action of one or multiple pistons into a rotary motion (or vice versa) through conn-rods. The parts required for the transformation of action add up to the crank mechanism. One distinguishes between mounted crankshafts – meaning assembled using many components, and forged or powdered crankshafts – meaning manufactured from a single piece.

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