CNC-Machining: Manufacturing of Engine Component Parts

For the manufacturing of engine parts the Anton Mauss GmbH in Cologne apply CNC controlled machines.

At their location in Cologne, the Anton Mauss GmbH has various CNC controlled machining centers. These include CNC controlled roll milling centers, CNC turning lathes, circular grinding machines, crankshaft and eccentric shaft grinding machines.

By these machines, we manufacture crankshafts, eccentric shafts, mechanical-rollers, pistons, cylinder-heads, connecting-rods, crankcases and housing-like parts.


CNC Machines and Machining Centers

The term CNC machines (Computerized Numerical Control) ) stands for machine tools, which are governed by modern control techniques. Thus, these machines are able to automatically build precise workpieces. That fact also applies to more complex forms.

Under the term machining center (in German: BAZ), or also a manufacturing center , we understand machine tools, whenever the functions of the centre lathe, milling machine and drill press take over. The tool interchange thereby happens automatically. The machining centers can be distinguished upon to two different features. The first criterion is the arrangement of the main spindle into horizontal and vertical machining centers. The second criterion is the number of axes.

Optic Measurement

Production lines – Anton Mauss GmbH Cologne, Germany

Maschinenspektrum Mauss GmbH

Machine Power Spectrum of the Anton Mauss GmbH

To view or download a list as a pdf file of all the machine-tool efficiency of the Anton Mauss GmbH click here. The overview contains data to horizontal and vertical machining centers, CNC controlled turning lathes, grinding machines and balancing.

Download by simply clicking on the adjoining diagram or this link:

Machine-tool efficiency of the Anton Mauss GmbH

CNC turning milling center five-axis

Distance between centers Up to 4.500 mm
Swing diameter Up to 980 mm
Tool magazine 96 toolkits

CNC turning lathes

Distance between centers Up to 1.100 mm
Swing diameter Up to 540 mm
Tool magazine 18 tool stations

Conventional turning lathes

Turning center length Up to 4.200 mm
Swing diameter Up to 1.000 mm

Circular grinding machine

Distance between centers Up to 4.700 mm
Grinding diameter Up to 1.050 mm

Crankshafts and eccentric grinding machines

Oscillating circuit Up to 1.000 mm
Eccentric adjustment scheme Up to 480 mm
Grinding length Up to 4.700 mm

Various horizontal CNC machining centers

Number of stillage Up to 9 stillage
Stillage sizes Up to 480 mmm
Tool equipment 240 workstations
Machining throughput 1100 in the cylinder

Various Vertical Machining Centers

Moreover, the Anton Mauss GmbH dispose of various vertical machining centers with workstation lengths of up to 2.200 mm x 1000 mm x 1500 mm.

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